Graffiti Into The Mainstream

Graffiti is a statement

Graffiti as an art form that has been around since the caveman days where they happened to carve in symbols and pictures on cave walls. Graffiti as an art form today as it is more commonly known has been around since the 70’s and is usually seen as trying to make a statement through designs as well as words in a vibrant fashion.

Graffiti is art is a beautiful form of expression that usually also has a high risk factor because doing it in the streets could possibly get you arrested if you are doing it in the wrong place or at the wrong time where someone might consider what you are doing vandalism.

Even though graffiti has been known to be a crime by some, it is most definitely art, which is why graffiti has now begun to take on more conventional methods among many artists when being produced by some very creative and imaginative people out there that want to say something with their art.

Graffiti has become a more legitimate art form in many circles in the recent past.

Graffiti has started being used in a variety of ways to help give different kinds of events and parties more vibrancy or flare so that people attending these events can leave feeling more lively and inspired just by the art around them.

This is why you are starting to see more businesses like Graffiti Life, for example, is just such a business that is helping to take the art of graffiti into more mainstream circles showing just how legitimate the art form can be by doing live graffiti paintings during events as well as setting up spaces to have more of a graffiti vibe for different types of events that you might be having.


Originality in Graffiti Art Work

graffitilife uk img 27Everyone misses the association with graffiti; their creative artwork is a great inspiration in different regions. The whole of United Kingdom appreciate the fact that they put the talent while executing the graffiti design. Professionalism is their model, and they have unique designs one can ever imagine. They have the power to make weddings, parties, and many special occasions glamorous; urban graffiti artists know how to make everything in their art work real and unimaginable.

Recognition for Originality in Graffiti Art Work

Our work has been recognized as a nice strategy to create attractive and interesting adverts. The national lottery currently engaged their presence with a request to make creative graffiti from scratch cards work. This proofs how their presence in conferences, events, and special occasions has to the audience and to people of different regions.

The Magic in Graffiti

The artwork is something that always catches the attention of the audience. Many are the time that different people develop different emotions for the same image. This creates the magic and the Graffiti professional network always has this as a factor. Their professional artists have been trained to deliver from their hearts which make them unique and influential. The art only involves spray paint or marker pen art. However, it always emerges beautiful and exceptionally creative.

Graffiti Approval

Every community appreciates artwork hence the high demand for art in different regions .live performances from Graffiti artist always turn the audience mind around. In addition, any painter has a chance to join the professional group and learn from professionals how to showcase their originality in art. Artists from Graffiti also have been recognized as unique wall mural painters. Their professionalism has made them great advertisers in different global regions. Graffiti workshops are the best for people who would love to share their unique imaginations with a group of professionals.

Of Graffiti Art

graffitilife img 26

Graffiti involves the use of paints, sprays, brushes, marker pens, and other materials to create real life, big space, and large art on a public or private space for a particular purpose. At the onset of the art, in many countries, graffiti was illegal and putting it up on public or private walls was a crime punishable by law. However, art and the meaning of graffiti have evolved, and a lot of countries, organizations, and individuals now consider graffiti a means of marketing their products and expressing themselves thus raising its popularity.

Hand Painted Murals

Modern graffiti has evolved and is now available in different forms. Creating graffiti murals on someone’s internal wall is a way of expressing one’s self. Decorations are made through hand-painting most of the details of the project. This enhances the feel of the work and gives a personal feeling to the project. Wall murals give character to a space and are easily able to convey the message one wants to pass.

Campaign Projects

Graffiti has gained popularity over the last couple of years. As a result, some companies have opted to use graffiti as their preferred method of advertising. Whether on public walls, in offices, and on billboards, graffiti is gaining ground as a favorite art for advertising and project campaigns. Art is preferred for its captivating nature as opposed to printed works or billboards.


Even though graffiti had been considered vandalism in the past, it is now used for different and important project campaign. These include product and service advertisements, political campaigns, and other ways that organizations would want to express themselves.


Art offers an interaction platform for individuals and communities. Graffiti has become that kind of art that has given communities a voice and a platform to express themselves. In some countries, communities organize graffiti festivals where artists come together, exchange ideas, interact, and paint. Graffiti art is a way of life that will continue gaining recognition.

Graffiti Urban Street Art

graffitilife IMG 25

Graffiti has been a large part of our popular culture for many decades now. This urban street art represents a demographic of very artistic individuals who love to express themselves. There are many individuals who have been able to make a living off of professional graffiti art. Banksy is quite possibly the most famous individual in the world of graffiti who has transitioned over into mainstream popular art. There are companies that have been able to make a great living for themselves by combining the skills of many different graffiti artists and then rendering these services to corporations.

Graffiti as a profession

Graffiti is a form of art that has been looked down on by society for many years. This is due to the vandalism that takes place with much graffiti art. However, there are many graffiti artists who take their trade very seriously and would never deface property in order to get their message across. These artists are much more concerned with giving graffiti art a good professional name.

Where to find great graffiti companies

There are many different places where you can find the top of the line graffiti companies for your creative needs. The internet is going to be your best bet in finding the top of the line companies that will be able to help you with your project. You will be able to find the right graffiti professionals who will be able to help you find the very best way to complete your project. Picking the right artist is very important in getting your style across. The right artist will be able to showcase your brand in an urban style that will help you reach a whole new demographic.

Graffiti Art is the Newest Trend in Advertising


Advertising is a key element in making a business successful. Advertising is a way of promoting any service or goods a company has to offer. Advertising comes in many forms, all of which are designed to capture the attention of the general public. One of the newest and hottest forms of advertising is graffiti. While most people will associate this unusual art form with urban street life it has been making its mark in the world of advertising as well. A street art or graffiti art company employs professional artists who will create eye-catching images designed to promote a company’s services or goods.

Graffiti Wall Murals

The team at a graffiti art company can create stunning wall murals for any interior or exterior wall. The mural could be a great way to showcase the types of charity organizations a company is affiliated with. This creates a memorable impression when prospective new clients visit the company facility. Businesses that offer services such as restaurants or fitness centers, could have murals painted on their interior walls to create a specific atmosphere for their patrons. This also helps make the experience more memorable for the people who visit, which in turn will lead them to tell their friends.

Live Entertainment Graffiti

There are a number of functions or events associated with various businesses. One way to capture the attention of visitors at a trade show is to provide live entertainment through the use of a graffiti artist. The artist can create a distinctive image related to the field of the business, while visitors to the event look on in amazement. This is a great way to draw attention to a company’s booth at a trade show. This is also true for businesses that participate in exhibitions or hold large scale conferences. A professional graffiti artist can create a wide assortment of images depicting any type of advertising a company wants.

Is Graffiti Art?

graffitilife GRAPHIC

Graffiti is one of those signs that were always indicative of social blight in urban centers that it has become natural to look at it as an societal ill and sign of an underlying problem. However many people are starting to look at graffiti in another light and considering whether or not it represents art or can provide some deeper meaning.

Reasons why graffiti is art

Art, at its base level, is the manner in which a person tried to express themselves thorough some type of creative endeavor. In this regard graffiti surely qualifies and fits into this definition and qualifies as an artistic piece. This can be even more obvious when one looks at the more magnificent pieces of graffiti out there that can be creative and challenging and have unique and interesting elements.

Graffiti is not art and should not be tolerated.

Those who create graffiti are more interested in destroying the sanctity and cleanliness of an piece of architecture and city facade than in creating something artistic. The question of whether graffiti is art is akin to asking if a person carving their name into a tree is art or simply something that is an annoyance or distraction. In a way graffiti can be thought of as a destructive force on a piece of architecture and therefore viewing something that damages another form of art is an extremely tenuous path to start to walk down.

The conclusion

Ultimately where you stand on whether graffiti qualifies as art has a lot to do with both your conception of art as well as how qualified the graffiti artist is. People come to their own conclusions quickly and permanently on this topic and few things can sway them. Though the extremely polarized attitudes on the topics can show some artistic qualities in that it gets viewers to think about what they see and to determine how it fits into their city.

Graffiti Art


In recent years, graffiti art has gained a whole new sense of respectability and acceptance. This form of street art that was once widely considered to be socially unacceptable, is now used in clothing design, retail product packaging and even wallpaper patterns.

Professional Graffiti Artists

As proof that graffiti art has risen to the level of an accepted art form, professional graffiti artists can now be hired to paint almost any type of image on all types of surfaces. These graffiti artists have extensive experience with creating cutting edge art that is regularly viewed by the public. One of the services that these graffiti artists provide is the painting of wall murals. Both indoor and outdoor murals are painted for residential and commercial clients by these artists.

Using Graffiti Art For Team Building Exercises

Professional graffiti artists now offer team building workshops that utilize graffiti art in constructive ways. Groups of office workers, and other people like to engage in these workshops, that teach participants how to paint authentic looking graffiti, while learning to work together.

High Profile Clients

Authentic graffiti art is increasingly being used by different organizations, to promote various messages and events. Some of the world’s most prestigious corporations, including clothing companies, car manufacturers, food and beverage companies, and media networks have come to see the value in using graffiti art to reach specific groups of consumers.

Different Types Of Graffiti Art

Although there are plenty of graffiti artists that specialize in decoratively “tagging” their name, there are many other artists that consistently produce high quality graffiti art. From giant closeup portraits and landscapes, to cute, cartoonish characters and futuristic outer space scenes, today’s graffiti artists have a great deal of talent to offer.