What is Graffiti?


What is Graffiti?

Art has always been a powerful medium to express an opinion in a way that lasts longer, and touches more people than a single person could alone. Street art, more commonly known as graffiti, has its origin in these roots. While it’s true that often there are examples of less than meaningful scribbles adorning the sides of metropolitan buildings, most street art has a very deep meaning the artist is trying to convey. Social and political issues have been prevalent themes sinceĀ graffiti began. It’s important to remember that graffiti is, at it’s core, a way for those who feel unheard to express their thoughts in bold color that cannot be ignored. The sheer magnitude of some of the works speak to that very idea.

The Beauty of Street Art

Street art can be found in every city across the world. For every city, there are equally different and unique styles and subjects. Bold lines and colors that pop beg the eye to stop and revel in the display. These memorable and beguiling images can make a lasting impression, and be the signature of any location or business. The styles and subject matter are as varied as the people who create it. While some artists favor realism, there is also the artist who lets their imagination take the reigns, creating fantastic flights of visual fantasy. High contrast black and white images seem to capture a thought like a photo, saying more than real life could. Vibrant colors and exaggerated features showcase humanity at its most unreal, inviting the mind to look differently; inviting us to SEE differently.

Street Art Today

Through shifting perspectives on what street art really is, and the recognition of the value and beauty it can add to the otherwise mundane, street art is slowly integrating into the mainstream art world. Indeed, corporations across the globe are often collaborating with street artists to create a lasting insignia for their businesses. Some companies, who are involved in putting customers in contact with street artists, are even organizing workshops as team building exercises, event activities and decorating consultants. The world of art has opened its doors to a new and exciting form of self expression. Street art is sure to make a lasting impact on the way we see and consider art in the future.