How Graffiti has changed Over The Last Few Decades


How graffiti has changed over the last few decades

Many decades ago, it used to be that graffiti was always a bad thing. People would curse at those leaving graffiti on walls, buildings and fences and, if caught, they would often be arrested and fined.

Nowadays, however, there is so much graffiti in every city in the world, things have changed a lot. So much so, it is now possible to make a career out of being a graffiti artist, and graffiti itself is being looked at as an art form.

Grafitti as an art form — So much has changed, graffiti is now being considered an art form with some graffiti artists like Banksy being some of the most popular and richest artists in the world. Other graffiti is being displayed in art galleries and museums around the world, books are being written about it and even coffee table books are published with photos of graffiti.

Learning how to create graffiti — Not only is graffiti an art form, it is also an art form that is taught. Many colleges, art schools and universities now have classes on graffiti, with top graffiti artists coming to the schools to teach.

If you would love to become a professional graffiti artist, signing up for a couple of classes is a great way to get started and to really learn about the art itself.

Being an artist — It is also now possible to make a living as a professional graffiti artist primarily because the art form is used in advertising, in companies, for special events, to decorate bland and boring buildings and so much more.

If you would love to be a professional artist, start off by taking some classes, make contacts and then sign up with an agent. In many cases, your career could immediately take off.


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