Graffiti Artform

Graffiti is an art form that has been around for the better part of four decades. Graffiti has gone from an illegal way of expression on the streets to a legitimate art form with acclaimed artists from all over the world. This is where Graffiti Life comes in.


Artists Specialties

At Graffiti Life they can provide art murals, team building, live art, and marketing solutions internationally. Graffiti Life is available for a wide variety of projects including, but not limited to sprucing up your home, creating fresh and unique ad campaigns as well as making an office space look vibrant with colorful and expressive meanings.

Live Art Performance:

Art Created In Real Time

Graffiti Life can also make any event more lively with a live art performance by any of their multi-faceted artists.

Team Building Workshops:

Learn The Tricks of The Trade

At graffiti Life, there is also team building workshops to help bring your creativity into your hands in an informative and communicative manner that is also a safe environment from the graffiti spots of old. The possibilities are endless within graffiti art. X marks the spot made up of circles and dots or any other creative expression you could possibly imagine in the art form.

The Artists:

The Visionary Artists

With graffiti Lifes expert team, any job is done with expert care at fast terms of execution. You will be elated by the joys of expression coming out in any of their works while also teaching you that you too can be just as artistic as they are. It only takes a willingness to learn and imagination.

Customer Service:

Keeping Clients Happy

With an unparalleled customer service and a professional approach to each piece of art created, expectations are always met as well as exceeded!

Graffiti Life artists are up for any occasion that comes their way. They use spray paint or marker pens to help make any surface art. The world is your canvas!


Expanding the Culture of Graffiti


Graffiti is something that was hot in the 1980s, but this has quietly grown into something that has been accepted beyond the hip hop culture. It is almost like something of a mainstream concept now. This has a lot to do with the fact that hip hop has become part of mainstream culture. There are so many artists start doing graffiti that is connected to hip hop culture, but they venture out. They make a decision to do other things, and they get recognition for expanding before this culture.

The Artists that Get the Most Recognition

There are some artists that just naturally stand out. People like Banksy have proven that he is an incredible artist when it comes to developing some interesting street art. There is no shortage of interesting concepts when it comes to his ideas. Roa is another artist that has gained a considerable amount of exposure for his animal subjects. These are young artists that have become dominate because they have been able to make people stop and take a look at what they have presented. They are not just doing the same thing that everyone else is trying to do. These artists have moved beyond the Tupac mural that has been created hundreds of times. These are artists that have their own vision, and that is what has made them relevant in this day and time.

C215 and Reka are also giving art lovers a lot to talk about. This street art is becoming quite a popular thing around the world. Most of these artists are not even from America. That shows that this street art has a lot of global appeal. There are artists from Italy and Egypt that are giving people in America something to talk about. This shows the diversity of artwork.