The Benefits of Graffiti


The benefits of graffiti

Many people see graffiti as a social ill that contributes negatively to a city and society. Graffiti is seen similar to pollution and garbage; as a overwhelming sign of city blight and poverty. While there is certainly an argument to made against graffiti and in most situations displaying graffiti on public property is illegal, there are also numerous positives that are associated with graffiti. This article will highlight some of the benefits to graffiti in a city and what those benefits convey to a city’s citizens.

Graffiti as a means of self expression

While many people don’t see it as such, graffiti can be a way for many people, and in particular minority urban youth, to express themselves. This mode of expression allows them to feel part of the community through an investment of the tag name on public property. By leaving their tag name they are indicated their territory and making a claim and sowing their roots in a way in their community which will help them to feel as an insider and not an outsider to the community.

Graffiti as a form of artwork

While simple forms of graffiti are often thought to be a sign of urban blight, graffiti can be transformed into tremendous works of art in some cases by talented graffiti artists. In this context, graffiti can serve to provide something to people that is aesthetically beautiful to see and can help to inspire members of the community to invest in that community. While every bodies own view of beauty is their own, graffiti can help to enliven a city that may seem cold and sterile to those who live there and can help to create unique and interesting neighborhoods.

Graffiti is therefore not always an ill for a city but something that can be fostered and can lead to a new form of beauty in a city.


How You Can Make Money With Your Graffiti Art


How you can make money with your graffiti art

Do you love to create graffiti? Have you been trying to figure out a way of making money with your graffiti art, but with no success so far?

If so, here are a few things you can do to not only help you make money doing what you love, but also actually create a career with it.

Work for a design studio — If you have a lot of experience creating graffiti art, put together a portfolio and head to all the design studios in your area.

That is because graffiti is the new ‘in thing’ when it comes to advertising, both print and digital, as well as is something that is being used for special events, and even by companies wanting to have graffiti art painted on the buildings they own.

Work for a special events company — There are several companies in the United States that are now hiring graffiti artists to work for them on special events.

This usually entails one of two things.

Either, the graffiti artist goes to a special event, sets up a small workshop and then teaches the attendees how to create a simple piece of graffiti art. Or he paints something himself at an event, like a type of performance art, as the attendees watch.

This can be a very good way of making a living, as well as to meet new people who may be able to help you further your graffiti artist career.

Go freelance — If you just love creating graffiti on buildings, then you may want to consider going freelance and approaching companies to design graffiti art for them.

There are many companies nowadays that like to have their buildings graffiti painted and, if you come in with a reasonable price you may just get the ob.