Of Graffiti Art

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Graffiti involves the use of paints, sprays, brushes, marker pens, and other materials to create real life, big space, and large art on a public or private space for a particular purpose. At the onset of the art, in many countries, graffiti was illegal and putting it up on public or private walls was a crime punishable by law. However, art and the meaning of graffiti have evolved, and a lot of countries, organizations, and individuals now consider graffiti a means of marketing their products and expressing themselves thus raising its popularity.

Hand Painted Murals

Modern graffiti has evolved and is now available in different forms. Creating graffiti murals on someone’s internal wall is a way of expressing one’s self. Decorations are made through hand-painting most of the details of the project. This enhances the feel of the work and gives a personal feeling to the project. Wall murals give character to a space and are easily able to convey the message one wants to pass.

Campaign Projects

Graffiti has gained popularity over the last couple of years. As a result, some companies have opted to use graffiti as their preferred method of advertising. Whether on public walls, in offices, and on billboards, graffiti is gaining ground as a favorite art for advertising and project campaigns. Art is preferred for its captivating nature as opposed to printed works or billboards.


Even though graffiti had been considered vandalism in the past, it is now used for different and important project campaign. These include product and service advertisements, political campaigns, and other ways that organizations would want to express themselves.


Art offers an interaction platform for individuals and communities. Graffiti has become that kind of art that has given communities a voice and a platform to express themselves. In some countries, communities organize graffiti festivals where artists come together, exchange ideas, interact, and paint. Graffiti art is a way of life that will continue gaining recognition.