Graffiti has been around for a very long time and it is a part of present society. Graffiti can be seen within many places out in public and it is even a part of various sub-cultures within America. The art of graffiti involves writings, drawings, scribbled words or pictures or various types of paints placed onto a wall or surface. Graffiti can be seen within public primarily on buildings, along roads and on people’s homes. This art form is both praised and criticized by the general public.

How is Graffiti used in Society?

Graffiti is used within different ways within society. Gangs often use graffiti to mark their territory and to communicate information. Hip hop culture uses graffiti drawings and painting to convey messages about their lifestyle and music. Some organizations have set up public walls for graffiti artists to display their work. In some instances building owners will even allow graffiti artists to display their work on their structures.

The Law and Graffiti

Technically, it is against the law in most places for a person to deface a property owner’s edifice with graffiti. Graffiti can be an eye soar when it is put onto buildings in a certain way. Most communities do not want this form art to be on public display. Most graffiti laws consider this art form to be a minor offense when it is done illegally. A person could be sentenced to a brief period in jail and/or a small fine. Laws also vary by community and state.