Art or Not?

1There seems to be a heated debate as whether graffiti should be classified as an art form. People, for some reason, seem to be afraid of calling this act of self-express as art. That is a shame considering this art form as been around longer than almost any other art form that we know. When the cave men were drawing on their cave walls, that were creating graffiti art. Graffiti was found on the walls of Pompeii and it was all over Egyptian monuments and tombs. So, why do we choke every time we put the words graffiti and art together?

Graffiti’s negative connotation

Graffiti became more mainstream in the late 1960’s. It was showing up on bridges, subways, and any place that artists could get to. Graffiti in most cases was considered vandalism because it would show up in places where the artists did not have permission to use the property for their expression. It was this unconventional presentation that started to give graffiti a bad name. Most presentations are big and bold and usually have some sort of meaning behind it. However, because of its location, most people deem the art as an eyesore. Graffiti art continues to grow and even though the piece of art is still bold and still in places where people really do not want it to be, most of these arts have a real talent. If some famous painter by the Monet had painted a mural on your driveway, would it be art or would it be graffiti?