Graffiti is considered a beautiful art to some and a nuisance and property damage to others. If you got caught defacing private or public property with graffiti then legal charges will be filed. It is a serious consequence that can land you in jail and with a hefty fine. Usually graffiti is done in a public place and is considered vandalism against businesses. Graffiti can range from beautiful art pieces to just etching or scratching of names or nicknames. Graffiti shows the imagination and creative expression that the drawer possess.

Depending on who you ask it can be a way of expressing ones political views or statements and different views of art. Most people don’t consider it that way and associate graffiti with gang activity and tagging. Tagging is a gang member’s way of claiming territory. Tagging is definitely property damage and is not an art expression in any way. Tagging is destructive and makes the community appear unkempt. It draws negative attention to unsightly tagging. Tagging is considered defacing the value of an object or space. Offensive and provocative messages are considered tagging, too. Some messages may be decoded.

There are different styles used in graffiti. Some artists draw freehanded while other go through extensive work to make stencils to help create a wonderful piece of art. Beautiful pieces can be bold and make a statement that makes you think. This is usually done in a location so that it can be admired. Graffiti that is artistic usually displays vivid colors and their work is considered masterpieces. It can takes hours and sometimes days to make a unique masterpiece.