Art Is Everywhere Around You


Art Is Everywhere Around You

Graffiti has received a bad name because of the street graffiti that has defaced our streets, by street gangs, vandals, and wanna be artists. However, there is a way to express yourself with graffiti and not destroy the street corners, buildings, and walls. You can sometimes participate with certain schools to create a mural. The school will allow you to work with the students and create timeless graffiti (art) with the students for a memorial for the school. This is one way for a graffiti artist to express themselves and have their art as a centerpiece.

In fact, some cities like to showcase their talent and designate space for graffiti. Often times, the only thing that is needed is a permit. You petition the city and get a get a permit. If you are recruited by the city to do the work, no permit is needed. They will ask you to do a mural that represents the city. For example, Atlanta, Georgia had a recent controversy concerning a mural that contained nudity. They city did not feel that this type of art was appropriate for the city and it was removed.

In fact, spark your creativity with graffiti. You can make cards, t-shirts, and teach others how to do graffiti. If it is something that you are passionate about, it is something that you should share with other people. In fact, graffiti is indeed art, and you are leaving your signature with the world. Thus, graffiti is not always permanent. It is sometimes a temporary form of art and expression.