Wall Ink

GraffitiArt has been prevalent through the ages. Beginning with the simplistic drawings of cavemen with the more intricate and mind hypnotizing art there is today, it is a skill that can express the simplest of feelings. One art that has captured the attention of many children, youth and adults alike is that of graffiti and street art. There are no rules to what can be drawn, the main purpose is just to reflect the artists thoughts and creating a permanent, everlasting symbol.

Early Beginnings

Beginning in the 1960’s, this art was generally used to express a political view or a way of protest. The art had mostly taken the form of text writing. It began to slowly evolve reaching it’s peak in the 1980’s with more drawings and what we know to be graffiti writing today. This art began strongly in the streets of New York, but has found it’s way around the walls of the United States.

Wall Ink Today

The color or designs of the walls could often be described as a tattoo. Though it is possible to be removed, it is not likely as it may represent an ideal or a piece of history that can be experienced by those who were not around at the time. The art left has transformed buildings creating surreal works of art. These pieces have now become a part of a festivals around the world. One conference in particular was funded in 2009, Living Walls, allowing artist from around the U.S. to partake in the history, allow artist to show their work, and promote street art as a way of expression.