Street Art

1In cities across the planet, there are creative-minded people creating a new form of public art known as street art.

Some Art Is Officially Sanctioned And Some Is Not

Sometimes street art is sanctioned or sponsored by local and state government agencies. Quite frequently however, street art is not officially sanctioned by local municipalities or property owners.

Some cities commission and sponsor works of street art for seasonal events and festivals. These works of art often feature “street installations”, which usually consist of inanimate, three-dimensional objects.

Street installations frequently contain ordinary objects that are decorated or utilized in unorthodox ways. They may include mannequins, stuffed animals, automobiles, public telephones or other objects.

To coincide with special events, some municipalities commission artists to paint murals or artistic designs on public benches, poles and curbs. There are also privately-funded, public art programs/installations that feature blank fiberglass animals that are creatively painted by various artists.

Owners and/or tenants of some buildings sometimes decide to have murals painted on their buildings. This is often done as a gesture of community and to add color and beauty to their surroundings. Some artists take it upon themselves to apply paint to everyday objects such as telephone poles, abandoned buildings and sidewalks.

A Wide Variety Of Artistic Expression

In addition to painted images, there are many other types of street art. There are abstract and traditional-style sculptures and there are robots made from discarded materials.

An amazing phenomenon that is occuring in cities around the world is the introduction of 3D street art to the local landscapes. These paintings are usually done on paved surfaces and they look incredibly realistic.