Street Art

garffittiThe most famous people have been discovered due to street art. There is no doubt about it, street art is becoming more popular and almost anyone has a chance of hitting a stroke of popularity with a good piece of art made famous. With the help of tools such as Utube, Facebook, and many other social media applications, street art is becoming popular by the minute. There are many people who are born with the natural endowment of art and renting a lounge to expo there pieces is much too expensive. Thus, street art is more common day by day. Because of the word, street people conclude think of its value close to nothing. This misconception is due to lack of experience or knowledge of what art is. Art is basically the creation of something with any kind of materials. The difference is that it is produced in the street and not made in a fancy place.

People forget that art actually began in the streets when people needed money. Then other levels of art grew and were only admitted as “art” if a person graduated as an artist from a classy university. As someone once said, “life goes around in circles and now street art is back on the road”. The best pieces of the 21st century have been discovered in the streets. A quick way to become renowned as a street artist is if a celebrity buys your art. Nevertheless, next time you travel and have the opportunity to acquire street art, stop and become an auto critic, if you like it buy it, you never know if it is going to be the next big hit.