Make Some Advanced Search about Graffiti

thumbs_040-graffiti-fontGraffiti in most cities of the world has been flourishing for decades. The crisis, however, has inspired a new wave of creativity that has manage to turned many cities into a Mecca of street art If you want to see the lifestyle of a city, the only thing that you need to do is to look at its walls. The police, rarely arrests graffiti artists, unless they suspected to belong to risky gangs that all they do is to destroy public or individual properties.

The beginning of graffiti street art was held in New York at around 1960 to 1970. Essentially, it had started by youngsters who wrote their names or nicknames on the walls, mailboxes, phone booths, subways and recently in subway and the metro. At the beginning, graffiti was called “hitting” and then “tagging”!  The graffiti artists call themselves “writers” in order to clearly interpret their attitude which is no other that the wall is the paper and the spray is the pen. For some people, graffiti is a form of vandalism while there are those who say that graffiti are innovative creations. Besides, if you take a moment and think, you will realize that there is nothing better for someone to channel his stress in a colorful ‘table’ and if you think about the general discomfort from the economic crisis, you could easily understand the spread of graffiti in every corner of the city.

Graffiti is definitely a form of art that is able to make our streets look prettier, as it can turn an indifferent city into a bright city, full of colors and amazing designs. It is worth mentioning that graffiti will be acceptable from all people, if these kinds of artists try to get permission, in order to create the design that they love.

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