What to Look for in Graffiti Services


What to Look for in Graffiti Services

You have a great idea for a wall of your building and you are simply looking for someone who will take the idea that you have and bring it to fruition. You know that you can make things beautiful if you have the right help on hand, and you have to figure out who you can turn to and who will take the dream that you have and make it real. It is important for you to know what you should consider as you look into the graffiti help that you need. You have to find someone who will give you exactly the look that you want for your wall.

Look for Graffiti Help through Those Who Will Listen to You:

It is important that you have the chance to share what you want and then to have someone take that and make it real. You have to be able to talk about the finish that you want for the work that you are having completed, and you need to find someone who will listen as you talk and work with you.

Look for Graffiti Help through Those Who Charge a Fair Price:

It is important that you get the look that you are longing to have, but you need to be able to get that without spending more than you are prepared to spend. Make sure that those that you rely on will give you what you are seeking at a cost that is fair.

Find the Right Graffiti Help:

It is important for you to find good help for the wall that you are looking to change up. Make sure that you understand what it takes to get the help that you need.

Is Graffiti Art?

Graffiti is often seen as a form of urban blight and dilapidation in a city that can be seen as a marker of the current economic state. In a very different form, graffiti can be an art form and a manner that individuals are using to express themselves that appeals to the sensibilities of others. Ultimately, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and whether or not graffiti is a nuisance or an art is an individual choice.

Factors that Make Graffiti a Nuisance

Graffiti can be a nuisance when it is placed in sensitive or cultural areas in an unwanted manner. Not everyone is interested in seeing graffiti and having it placed in locations that are privately or publicly owned in a manner that is not approved can lead to it being seen as a real eyesore and a form of disrespect for the individual’s property. In addition, having an overabundance of graffiti can also be a problem and not consistent with a potentially attractive aesthetic. Base tags or symbols may not seem particularly artistic or creative to many and may also lead to graffiti being seen more as a burden and less of an art in many people’s views.

Factors that Make Graffiti an Art

Certain graffiti is attractive, creative, and artistic in nature and can contribute greatly to the cultural significance of a spot in a city or town. Many graffiti artists will have their work commissioned by a local town or store and have their graffiti art on display there. In this form, street graffiti can provide a central area for community members to relate to and can help to create a unique and creative outlet for citizens, who may be attracted to the beauty of the graffiti. Graffiti can greatly lift up the appearance or aesthetic of an community and spice up the local atmosphere.

How Graffiti has changed Over The Last Few Decades


How graffiti has changed over the last few decades

Many decades ago, it used to be that graffiti was always a bad thing. People would curse at those leaving graffiti on walls, buildings and fences and, if caught, they would often be arrested and fined.

Nowadays, however, there is so much graffiti in every city in the world, things have changed a lot. So much so, it is now possible to make a career out of being a graffiti artist, and graffiti itself is being looked at as an art form.

Grafitti as an art form — So much has changed, graffiti is now being considered an art form with some graffiti artists like Banksy being some of the most popular and richest artists in the world. Other graffiti is being displayed in art galleries and museums around the world, books are being written about it and even coffee table books are published with photos of graffiti.

Learning how to create graffiti — Not only is graffiti an art form, it is also an art form that is taught. Many colleges, art schools and universities now have classes on graffiti, with top graffiti artists coming to the schools to teach.

If you would love to become a professional graffiti artist, signing up for a couple of classes is a great way to get started and to really learn about the art itself.

Being an artist — It is also now possible to make a living as a professional graffiti artist primarily because the art form is used in advertising, in companies, for special events, to decorate bland and boring buildings and so much more.

If you would love to be a professional artist, start off by taking some classes, make contacts and then sign up with an agent. In many cases, your career could immediately take off.



Graffiti Artform

Graffiti is an art form that has been around for the better part of four decades. Graffiti has gone from an illegal way of expression on the streets to a legitimate art form with acclaimed artists from all over the world. This is where Graffiti Life comes in.


Artists Specialties

At Graffiti Life they can provide art murals, team building, live art, and marketing solutions internationally. Graffiti Life is available for a wide variety of projects including, but not limited to sprucing up your home, creating fresh and unique ad campaigns as well as making an office space look vibrant with colorful and expressive meanings.

Live Art Performance:

Art Created In Real Time

Graffiti Life can also make any event more lively with a live art performance by any of their multi-faceted artists.

Team Building Workshops:

Learn The Tricks of The Trade

At graffiti Life, there is also team building workshops to help bring your creativity into your hands in an informative and communicative manner that is also a safe environment from the graffiti spots of old. The possibilities are endless within graffiti art. X marks the spot made up of circles and dots or any other creative expression you could possibly imagine in the art form.

The Artists:

The Visionary Artists

With graffiti Lifes expert team, any job is done with expert care at fast terms of execution. You will be elated by the joys of expression coming out in any of their works while also teaching you that you too can be just as artistic as they are. It only takes a willingness to learn and imagination.

Customer Service:

Keeping Clients Happy

With an unparalleled customer service and a professional approach to each piece of art created, expectations are always met as well as exceeded!

Graffiti Life artists are up for any occasion that comes their way. They use spray paint or marker pens to help make any surface art. The world is your canvas!

Expanding the Culture of Graffiti


Graffiti is something that was hot in the 1980s, but this has quietly grown into something that has been accepted beyond the hip hop culture. It is almost like something of a mainstream concept now. This has a lot to do with the fact that hip hop has become part of mainstream culture. There are so many artists start doing graffiti that is connected to hip hop culture, but they venture out. They make a decision to do other things, and they get recognition for expanding before this culture.

The Artists that Get the Most Recognition

There are some artists that just naturally stand out. People like Banksy have proven that he is an incredible artist when it comes to developing some interesting street art. There is no shortage of interesting concepts when it comes to his ideas. Roa is another artist that has gained a considerable amount of exposure for his animal subjects. These are young artists that have become dominate because they have been able to make people stop and take a look at what they have presented. They are not just doing the same thing that everyone else is trying to do. These artists have moved beyond the Tupac mural that has been created hundreds of times. These are artists that have their own vision, and that is what has made them relevant in this day and time.

C215 and Reka are also giving art lovers a lot to talk about. This street art is becoming quite a popular thing around the world. Most of these artists are not even from America. That shows that this street art has a lot of global appeal. There are artists from Italy and Egypt that are giving people in America something to talk about. This shows the diversity of artwork.

Is It Possible to Make Money with a Career as a Graffiti Artist?


Is it possible to make money with a career as a graffiti artist?

For anyone who has spent time doing graffiti art, whether it was illegal or legal, at some point the idea has probably entered their head that they would love to make a living as a graffiti artist. Is this possible, though, or is graffiti one of those things you are never going to be able to make money doing?

Surprisingly, there are a couple of ways where a graffiti can actually make money and not just a little money either. In fact, if you know how to find the right jobs, you can actually make a very good living at it.

Get an agent — The first thing you will want to do is to get an agent to represent you. This is because there are a huge number of advertising agencies that sell the services of graffiti artists to companies all over the world for their print and TV commercials.

To get into this field, however, you will need an agent to represent you so contact as many art agents as you can to find the right one for you.

Work for a graffiti special events company — There are actual companies that are set up to organize special events, and that hire graffiti artists to work the events. They also pay a very good salary and, as the job is usually permanent, it is a stable way to work as a graffiti artist as well.

These graffiti artists either provide a workshop for attendees at the special event, or they participate in a live performance of graffiti art to show people how it is done.

In some cases, they may also be hired out as actual graffiti artists that paint the buildings of companies in the area, or even create graffiti murals inside a business.

In fact, with graffiti art being so popular nowadays, there are so many opportunities, you really should start looking for them.

How You Can Actually Have a Career in Graffiti


How you can actually have a career in graffiti

Do you love to paint graffiti? Would you love to have a career in the art form, but are not sure how to go about doing it?

If so, these few tips may just help you secure the career of your dreams, as well as actually make good money doing it.

How to have a career in graffiti— If you are a graffiti artist, and love to paint more than anything else, finding a career in graffiti is not too difficult. Not if you are good at what you do.

That is because there are quite a few organizations nowadays that are actually hiring graffiti artists to work with them to create legal graffiti art, and they do pay quite well.

What kinds of careers are there?— If you are hired by a company that uses graffiti artists, this is usually due to two or three reasons.

First, they use graffiti artists to create art for their clients. This art can be on the side of a building, inside a building, on a canvas or even as an artist who trains other people within a company how to do graffiti art.

Some companies are even hiring graffiti artists to work at special events. They run short painting workshops, or do demonstrations of how a graffiti artist works, creating something fun and unique for special event guests to watch.

How to find a job— Get online and look for companies that hire graffiti artists. Pick out those in cities you would like to live in, and send them an online resume of your work. Be sure to use work that is varied and interesting, and that shows off your skills.

Contact each company in a follow up email and request an interview.